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Photo of Jace Meagher

Jace Meagher

General Manager

A Bay Area native, Jace graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology and moved to New York City where he subsequently began his career in hospitality. He stepped up his serving skills and learned to manage downtown with the "We Love Farmers" group, where he began to fully appreciate hospitality and the great role restaurants play in the lives of guests and employees alike. After gaining experience and taste for properly sourced food and stellar culinary technique, he moved on to managing for "The Smith" where he spent four years moving up the ranks and making people happy in a high-volume environment. Once back in San Francisco, he ventured into fine dining at Villon restaurant at the Proper Hotel. Jace's outlook on managing is to provide warm and seamless service to the guest while supporting the staff, and, most importantly, to embrace challenge as an opportunity. When not at work, you can expect that he is traveling with his husband or they're out riding bikes throughout the Bay.